One of the best tools for hacking Facebook, Skype, Gmail, and other social media and mail accounts is ANOMOR Hacker. Now there are a lot of phishing tools out there with which you can do that. However, you have got to use one like ANOMOR which is all easy and convenient.

Most of the online phishing tools you use for hacking Facebook and other accounts requires a lot of stuff to do. Creating accounts, creating links and baits so that you can trap someone. However, this is made very easy with this amazing phishing tool called ANOMOR Hacker.

In this step-by-step guide on this Facebook hacker, we are going to give you everything you need. Whether you want to learn how to sign up on the website, how to create links, and how to make someone your hacking target, everything will be in this article.

Also, some people face problems while signing in and sometimes retrieving their passwords in case they forget it. This guide will be covering everything which you may face while using the tool. Once being clear on all of this stuff, let us move on to main stuff and teach you how it is done without any further due.

Anomor Hacker Sign Up:

Signing up on a website is always the first method when you go and want to contribute to any forum. This will be true for this tool as well. In the first step, you will need to sign up on the website. Following are the steps involved in the Anomor hacker registration process.

  • The first step requires you to go on the official website of the tool.
  • Once you are on the homepage, find Anomor Sing Up (Sign up) button and click it.
  • On clicking, you will be proceeded to a registration form which looks like this.

anomor hacker

Enter everything which is required in this form such as your username, password, re-password, email, age, and country. Once you have entered all that, solve the CAPTCHA below by entering what is written in the box.

Once you are done with that, click the white ‘Sing in now’ button which is being shown in the image. After doing this, your account on the Anomor Hacker site will be created. This opens up the opportunity of logging into the site and hack anyone you want.

Anomor Sign In:

Once you are done with creating an account on the site, you will need to sign in. This is quite obvious since your objective is to make people target as a hacker. Make sure that you remember the credentials such as username, password, and email so that you can sign in to website. Follow the steps given below in order to safely sign-in to the Anomor hacker website.

  • The first step of course, is to open the homepage of the website.
  • While you are on the homepage, you will see a sign in panel on the left.

anomor login

Enter the required credentials in the box and click the sign in button to enter the website.

Anomor Forget/Change Password:

There are times when we sometimes forget some important passwords. To tackle, the service provides do keep an option for retrieving the lost password. Yes, you can do that on Anomor Hacker’s site as well. If you have lost your password or just want to change it, just follow the steps given below and you will learn how to do it.

  • In the main menu, click the ‘Change password’ button and you will open a new page.
  • On this new page in order to change your password, enter your old password and then the new password.
  • The change password form looks like this.

anomor change password

Doing that, you will be successfully able to change your password.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hack Facebook with Anomor Hacker:

Now are on to the part for which you have been waiting even since you started reading this guide. Let us take you to the place where you are going to learn how to hack Facebook with Anomor Hacker. Note that this guide is not just for Facebook and by following the same procedure, you can hack other apps as well which are available on the homepage.

While you are logged into the site, it should look something like this. In this image, you can see that there are a lot of apps which you can hack such as Facebook, Skype, Gmail, 8 Pool Ball, and Candy Crush. Hacking these gaming apps you can get some really amazing accounts. Have a look of how the Anomor homepage looks like.

hack facebook with anomor

So the above picture is how your homepage should look like. The rest of the procedure is something even a kid can do easily. Now it depends whether which one of these accounts you want to hack. Click the button saying ‘Link 1’ for the account you want to hack. For instance, If I click the Facebook’s Link 1, it will open a page like this:

anomor hack facebook

Once you are on this page, copy the link as marked in the picture. Now send this link to your target in his/her Facebook chat. Once the target will open the link, he will need to enter his credentials. Your targets will do that if you give them a good bait like telling them to open your page to like it or the page of their favorite celebrity.

Once the target has fallen to the bait and entered his credentials, his/her account will be hacked. Now all that is left is to retrieve the hacked id and password from Anomor ‘My Victims’ tab. To do that, go to the homepage of the website and in the main menu, click ‘My Victims’ tab.

hack facebook account with anomor

We have practically proved this procedure as you can see that there are hacked id and password in my victims tab. And, this is all, you are done.

Anomor Not Working?

Many people would be searching if anomor is working or not.

So, sometimes there is bug in their system and it may not work but you can try it later or try anomor alternatives like zshadow or shadowave which are also free tools.

Anomor App APK:

For those who are used to laptops and desktops, the developers have also developed an Anomor app with which you can easily hack anyone. Given below are some of the top features of its app.

  • Anomor App is absolutely free to download and use.
  • The app makes it even easier to hack Facebook.
  • All the hacking options from website are available.

If you liked this guide, don’t forget to give us your feedback. If you are facing any problem while doing the procedure, make sure that you contact us by commenting your problem. Stay tuned to this site for more.